Children Playing

A day of childminder activities

Childrens Playtime

Here is an example of how the children will spend their day with me, which I
love being part of.

It will provide all-round development through enjoyable, stimulating outings and activities as well as stories, music and playtime!

Childminder Activities
07:30am 07.30 am : Time for the early arrivals.
08:00am 08.00 am : Breakfast time / Arrivals.
08:30am 08.30 am : School Run.
09:30am 09.30 am : Activities / Clubs / Outings (morning snack).
11:30am 11.30 am : Time for Lunch (options below).
12:30am 12.30 pm : School / Nursery Run.
01:00pm 01.00 pm : Activities / Nap and Rest Time.
02:00pm 02.00 pm : Healthy Afternoon Snacks.
03:00pm 03.00 pm : School Pickups.
04:00pm 04.00 pm : Time for some Free Play.
05:00pm 05.00 pm : Time for Dinner (options below).
05:30pm 05.30 pm : Winding down / Homework.
06:00pm 06.00 pm : Collection time. Songs and Stories.

Childrens Meals

A large selection of healthy meal options will keep the little people's energy levels topped up! All likes, dislikes and allergies will be taken into account during preparation.

Childrens Breakfast


Cheerios, Shreddies, Weetabix, Rice Krispies with toast and or fresh fruit.

Childrens Snacks


Yogurt, crackers & cheese, carrot and cucumber sticks, breadsticks, rice cakes, fruit.

Childrens Lunch


Wholemeal pittas filled with ham / cheese / tuna and salad.
Beans on wholemeal toast.
Wholemeal sandwiches.
Eggy bread and salad.

Childrens Dinner


Chilli con carne, rice or potato.
Spaghetti bolognese (hidden veg).
Chicken nuggets, potatoes, veg.
Chicken / veg curry with rice.
Tomato and vegetable pasta.
Beef / Pork / Lamb dinner.
Macaroni cheese.
Sausage, mash and veg.
Fish, baked chips and peas.