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Childminder Safety

Fire Chief

The safety of your child is naturally of huge importance to me. My aim is to provide a happy, comfortable and safe environment in which they can develop.

During their time with me, you can be sure that your 'little people' are in safe hands.

My Childminder Safety Procedures

The following checklist outlines the safety practices and procedures I constantly monitor and adhere to whilst childminding.


Cots, Pushchairs e.t.c.

These are all covered by the latest safety standards.

Plug Socket Covers

Plug Sockets

Always covered when unused. Cables out of the way.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

These are all over the house and tested regularly.

Fire Blanket


Inaccessible whilst I'm cooking and has a fire blanket.

Stair Gate

Stair Gates

There are stair gates to both the kitchen and the stairs.

First Aid

First Aid

Being First Aid trained, my box is always fully stocked.

Cupboard Locks

Cupboard Locks

These are on all cupboards that contain harmful items.

Wrist Straps

Wrist Straps

Wrist straps, pushchairs and reins are used when needed.


Arrivals / Departures

These are recorded and signed for at the end of the week.


Picking Up

Only by recorded people or usage of a password.

Mobile Phone


I carry a list of essential phone and mobile numbers at all times.

Doors Locks

Locks and Keys

All exits are locked with keys out of reach.